How to pick your jewelry?

How to pick your jewelry?

 Hi ladies! Today we talk about jewelry.

Q: How to pick your jewelry?

Women love jewelry, but not all women know how to pick the jewelry that suits them. So here are some tips to help you!

The first thing we need to know is the weight of jewelry: Size, thickness, weight and decoration. These factors will work together.

Is it a big piece of jewelry or a small piece of jewelry? Some people wear larger jewelry, some people wear smaller jewelry.

And there are clothes that fit bigger, and there are clothes that fit smaller. How to judge which one is the best?

Let me tell you:

1. Magnificent jewelry (Big size, thick lines, heavy material)

It is suitable for someone who have thick frame, or broad body shape, or facial features, mature or three-dimensional, characteristic appearance.

Match some mature, tough, powerful or strong characteristic clothes.

2. Small jewelry (Dimension line, thin line, light material)

Women with thin frame, slim body, small features, soft or youthful appearance need this. Match some young, soft, graceful, popular clothes.

But is it enough just to know this? Of course not. This is just a preliminary self-understanding.

It is impossible for a woman to wear only large (or small) jewelry forever. So just have the awareness that "big (small) accessories will suit me better" first.

In fact, the main basis for choosing jewelry is their style.

1. Girly Style

Key Words: Sweet, cute, childlike, cartoon, plush, bow, exquisite design, colorful color scheme, affordable price. 

Sweet and childlike, this style is generally "small jewelry", after all, the characteristic of girls is their juvenile state.

2. Minimal Style

Key Words: Luxury,commute, phlegmatic, geometric, occident.

Simple design, geometric shape, less jewelry decoration, metal material are the best.

3.Elegant Style

Key Words: Clavicle chain, light luxury, exquisite, temperament, multipurpose.

The most common and versatile jewelry in life, often used as gifts. But in fact this kind of jewelry also has its preferences. The chain ring is thin, the ornaments are small, so it's best to match with a gentle and delicate style.

And it is also a "small jewelry".


4. Traditional Style

Key Words: Emerald, amber, jade, agate, turquoise, crystal.

Temperament is gentle and refined, simple design. All kinds of jewelry made of expensive stones. Comes with a warm, low-key and connotative feeling. 

It is suitable for collocation with simple and traditional styles.

5. Natural Style

Key Words: Straw, country, holiday, wooden, bohemia.

Made of plants or natural materials, natural. Jewelry made of natural materials such as wood and shells. Have a natural affinity from nature, give people the feeling of being relaxed and back to the basics.

6. Street Style

Key Words: Trendy, neutral, hip-hop, punk, chain, steel.

Rough lines, black or silver color, very cool. If you love hip-pop, punk,rock, this style is your cake.

7. Romantic Style

Key Words: Retro, fairy, high-ranking, banquet, complex design, rhinestones and pearls, european court style.

Use a lot of rhinestones, pearls, lace and other materials to create. Delicate and complex, dreamy and classical. Best for a little dress.

Its upgraded version is luxury jewelry to be reserved at the counter. You can wear it to banquet! 

8. Modern Style

Key Words: Creative, fashionable, exaggerate, unique design, big size.

Very avant-garde accessories. The more special the shape, the heavier the weight, the more you need a great design sense clothing to support.

Ok, this is the ways we can learn about how to pick the jewelry! Have you learned it? 

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